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Searching for Alien Strawberries June 23, 2008

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We went to Marini Farms’ strawberry festival in Ipswich on Saturday. We picked strawberries, challenging the kids with us to find the oddest, most “alien” or “mutant” looking ones, which they did with glee, showing off their bumpy and misshapen prizes like young treasure hunters.


Of course, they won’t find these odd delights in the supermarket, as supermarket berries tend to be large, perfect-looking, and fairly tasteless. One of our young pickers came back with an empty quart box, having eaten his finds. The kids wore satisfaction in the red smears on their faces, hands, and shirts.


If you’re too tired after picking strawberries in the hot sun to bake up a pie or shortcake, try this easier-than-pie recipe. My husband and I discovered it while staying at a hotel in Charleston, SC, in May years ago (B.K., “before kids”):


Get yourself a small cereal bowl, fill the bottom with real whipped cream or yogurt, toss in hulled, local, fresh strawberries and drizzle some local honey over the berries.


Spoon a local taste of heaven in your mouth. Enjoy!