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Recipes of the Day October 1, 2008

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I like to write blog posts just before lunch time, when I’m just beginning to be hungry and am most receptive to food ideas (but before I get too grouchy to write coherently and storm off to the kitchen to eat lunch).

Here are my recipe picks of the day:


Pumpkin dal on Tigers and Strawberries. I love dal. In my bachelorette days, I ate dal and rice at least once a week, from Anna Thomas’ Vegetarian Epicure 2. It is easy, quick, and delicious. You can be fancy and roast your spices beforehand,  add diced apples or tomatoes, and serve over delicately spiced rice. But on bad days, you can throw your lentils in water, toss in some spices, a pat of butter for flavor, and a squirt of lemon at the end and it’s still good. On a really fabulous day, you should make this pumpkin dal from Tigers and Strawberries.


Bibimbap. I first ate bibimbap at JP Seafood. It contains pretty much everything I like to eat all together: rice, greens, meat (or salmon, or tofu), chili peppers, cucumbers, and a fried egg. Today’s NY Times tells us how to make bibimbap in a rice cooker.


Red (purple) tortillas from Rancho Gordo. I’ve never had much luck making tortillas. I used to own a tortilla press, which I thought would be the answer to rubbery grocery store tortillas. Tortillas have very few ingredients and the steps looked easy, but the masa dough would stick to the sheets of wax paper and it never achieved the correct consistency. I gave away the tortilla maker in one of my moves. A few months ago my friend Coco and I tried to make tortillas by hand. The results tasted good, but the tortillas fell apart in the grill. Being bereft of good tortillas in Brookline and Beverly, respectively, Coco and I ate them anyway. Next time, we will try the red tortillas.



Eating Local on the Road July 15, 2008

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photo by no egrets

photo by no egrets

I just want to give a quick shout out to the Mass Pike farmers’ market program. I’ve been on the road a lot recently, eating lots of local food from barbeque to bagels, and Sunday night I was speeding toward the North Shore, looking forward to being home, but also thinking about my empty refrigerator, knowing I was way too tired (and cranky) to deal with the Big Chain Republican Grocery Store near my house. However, at the Lee service plaza, I found a farmers’ market and was able to buy fresh corn, tomatoes, zucchini, and squash. I came home across the river and made a beautiful Massachusetts-grown tomato sauce with zucchini, adding rosemary and thyme from my (very happy) garden.