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The Obsessive Canner and the Zombie Apocalypse May 27, 2009

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[New York Times, we are way ahead of you.]


It could just be that I’m an obsessive personality. Instead of buying a complete bike, I buy a frame and spend 2 years tinkering to get 10 speeds out of a 28-speed gruppo.  Instead of waiting and saving for a hot tub, I drag an old one out of someone’s yard so it can beautify mine. A pattern has been established.


So, I think about BPA being in all of that “organic” food I buy in (plastic-lined metal) cans, and decide to buy some nice, inert Ball jars and a pressure canner. Maybe you can see where this is headed. (more…)


Pork and Apple Pies May 22, 2009

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Yes please! No Egrets won my eternal devotion for making pork and apple pies, also known also as pork pasties, but if I put that on the blog title, lord knows who would have shown up. This is not a summer dish, but it is very very yummy.

(see more below)



Community Supported Fisheries in Gloucester!! May 5, 2009

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Exciting news! This is a little lukewarm off the presses, as I’ve been distracted by other things, but sign up here for Cape Ann Fresh Catch. A twelve-week assortment of fish is available in whole shares (6-8 lbs. a week for $360) and half shares (3-4 lbs. a week for $180). Pickup may be available in Ipswich, Gloucester, Marblehead, and Cambridge, depending on interest.


Support your local fisherman and learn how to cook new kinds of fish!