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The Globe chimes in too… March 18, 2009

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I’m on the road (again), but I saw in today’s Boston Globe (thanks internet!) another article about Community Supported Fisheries. Keep the clamor going!



Drinking locally March 10, 2009

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home_cornerLast week, at our favorite local cafe, No Egrets and I had Rapscallion Ale for the first time. They were handing out samples, and who were we to refuse? I’m normally a darker beer fan, but their honey ale* was sharp and sweet. It is also made from local honey. The Premier ale was a Belgian ale, and was nice and complicated, just the way I like my Belgian ales.


Rapscallion is the old Concord Brewing Company, new and revised, under different ownership. The beer is brewed in Holyhoke and served all around southern New England in draft form only. It’s available on the North Shore at Gulu-Gulu.




* Please note that the green font does not in any way constitute an endorsement of green beer.


Binder Clips and Paneer March 5, 2009

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It's not a bomb, it's paneer!

Paneer is the Indian cheese found in such eponymous dishes as palak paneer (spinach and paneer) and matar paneer (peas and paneer). Making paneer cheese is actually quite easy. All you need is milk (local of course), lemons, vinegar, and cheesecloth. Paneer needs time to sit, though, so make it the day before you want to serve it.

When I first learned to make paneer, I quickly found out that whole milk makes cottage cheese, not firm cubes. Skim milk makes the firmest cubes, but doesn’t have much taste. I like 1% milk for this. Also, paneer is a great use for milk of suspect freshness.

You will need at least 6 or 7 lemons and 4 Tb of rice wine vinegar. (Don’t skimp on the lemons, and vinegar is the insurance.)

I boil water in a short 2-gallon stockpot and make a double boiler with a big stainless steel mixing bowl. (I much prefer this to boiling milk directly on the heat, as I always, always scorch it. Ed. note: scorched milk is a bitch to clean.) (more…)


Creepy, crawly, all-natural fertilizer producers March 3, 2009

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Sometimes, it just takes a New York Times article (or two, or three…).
This time, it’s urban worm-binning.  I’ve had one for just about two
years. It produces lovely potting soil and reduces my trips to the
compost bin.  I sort of have pets that I can vaguely be fond of but
leave alone when I go off on three-week jaunts across an ocean.
Generally, it’s been a good experience.  But nobody took me up on
offers of worms for their own bin until the New York Times wrote about
them.  The irony: I seem to have had a mysterious die-off of worms and
can’t share at the moment.  In fact, I may need to acquire some
breeding stock myself. (more…)