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What are you drinking? February 18, 2009

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February is grim, folks. My friend Coco came up the other day to help me prepare for our third annual Doldrums party (No Egrets and I decided that no one needs another party to attend in December, but everyone needs a good party in February). We made Coco’s now-signature raspberry margaritas. Now, I’ve never really been a pink-drink kind of person, but I hear lime juice prevents scurvy, which is historically prevalent in New England around this time of year, and I like raspberries. Raspberry margaritas may not entirely local (I did some research on local tequila. Nothing yet.), but they are tasty.


To make these margaritas, we forwent (if that’s a word) traditional margarita mix, as the only “natural” ingredient in the list was water, and made our own. We added frozen raspberries, copious amounts of Whole Paycheck lime juice, maybe one-fourth cup of powdered sugar. We topped the pitcher off with tequila. The first pitcher we made weak, and the second one we made stronger. It was quite delicious, and only as inebriating as you wish it to be.




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