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Time flies when you aren’t posting December 17, 2008

Filed under: Drinking Locally,Ethical Eating,Regional food — blueheronlocal @ 2:16 pm

No egrets and I are about to embark on another crazy tour of the eastern seaboard in service of preserving family relations (one hopes). As we all know it is hard to eat locally (in New England) in the winter. It is also hard to eat locally on the road and while staying with relatives.


A few words of advice: Try to find local food in the places where you are visiting. Eat the local specialties .No egrets is from east/central Pennsylvania, land of strange meats, and when we visit we head over to the local orchards and butchers. In Virginia, we eat as many biscuits as humanely possible. We drink Starr Hill Dark Star Stout and stock up on local apples as well. (Some of us, ahem, are really obsessed by local apples.)


And, above all, support your local businesses. Even if they get their apples from New Zealand or their toys from China, local businesses often are the first ones to respond to local trends. Put your money back into the communities, rather than in the pockets of executives who fly their private jets wherever they go.

-soapbox brought to you today by goldlentil


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