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Free Range Rootbeer November 2, 2008

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We recently discovered ginger brew from Maine Root, a Portland-based soft drink company. If you love the strong ginger candies you get at some Asian restaurants (like Pho Lemongrass in Brookline), this is your drink. Sweetened with fair trade organic sugarcane, this ginger beer achieves the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. The taste leans toward ginger rather than gingerbread. And it’s ethical drinking and almost local. The good folks at Maine Root make their Portland deliveries in a bio-diesel VW pickup. I bought my ginger brew at Green Meadow Farms, but you can probably find them at Whole Paycheck and City Feed as well.

You may be forgiven for thinking I do nothing all day but sit around and drink ginger beer. Posts have slowed, because I have started a new job. However, expect a post from groundcherry very, very soon.

PS Free range rootbeer is a real phenomenon. Check it out!



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