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Shocking Laziness July 23, 2008

Filed under: gardening — blueheronlocal @ 7:56 pm
(thanks, NYT, Peter DaSilva, for photo!)

(thanks, NYT, Peter DaSilva, for photo!)

According to the New York Times, all those people who make masses of money are reverting to the last century: paid kitchen gardeners.  The article claims that there is a trend for rich folk to pay a professional gardener to not just plant a vegetable garden in their backyard, but also to pick the fruits and vegetables and leave them in picturesque baskets on their back porch.

My reaction: cheaters!  immediately followed by, well, at least they aren’t spraying awful chemicals on ugly monoculture swaths of grass edged with boring shrubbery.  Nevertheless, I’m a bit concerned the whole physical connection to the land ideal is replaced by a watching your servant muck around in the dirt.

Think it pays well? Maybe I’ll become a gardener for the nouveau rich when I grow up…



2 Responses to “Shocking Laziness”

  1. mamabiz Says:

    LOL! I want to hire him. I can’t beat the weeds myself… I doubt I could afford it, though.

    It’s a brilliant business idea, though.

  2. blueheronlocal Says:

    And here I thought personal chefs were a racket….


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